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22nd May 2009

Ayumie turned three today. She is a very good fan of Disney princesses. So, this time she got Cinderella birthday cake. Her best friend from school, Felicia too joined the party. Ayumie was so excited on whole day. Princesses were everywhere. She got lots of interesting presents too. More photos

18th November 2008

Ayumie started pre-school. It is "De Eglantier Peuter speelzaal", Dutch school, very close to our home. At the beginning she went only 2 mornings in a week. But now she goes 3 mornings (Tue., Thurs. & Friday). She loves to go to school. Her teachers are Ria & Kim. Now she has made friends there. During 3 hrs. in school she play inside the class, outside & in the gym, sing, read, paint, dance, color, cut & glue papers..... all sort fun things. Photos

22nd May 2008

Ayumie turned two today. Having participated for several birthday parties of friends (specially sister's friends) she was so excited to blow candles and sing birthday song. She could blew two candles in one shot. Her favorite characters are DORA and Diego. We made a Dora cake. She was so happy! She got some Dora presents too. More photos

2 yrs. old Ayumie,

  • 88cm tall
  • 13 Kg weight
  • has 12 teeth
  • can jump, run & climb
  • likes seasaw
  • likes to watch TV (CBeebies & Nick Junior)
  • can fight with sister
  • "How a baby grows" - favorite book (can read by heart)
  • loves to sing and dance
22nd May 2007

Ayumie turned one today. We had small family party. Medhi did the cake decorations.

22nd May 2008

Ayumie Pathirana


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